Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance

During these difficult economic times, it is heartbreaking to turn on the television only to see a family taking their beloved “furry family” members to the local shelter because they can no longer afford to care for them properly. While most viewers concede they are doing the “responsible” thing by taking their pets to a place they feel can better accommodate their needs, those needs often extend beyond food and shelter.

All too often pets are dropped at shelters because their medical needs exceed what their family has – or is willing to – spend on them. This is where veterinary pet insurance can be a literal “lifesaver” to families with pets.

Pets, like their human parents, can develop an array of ailments over the course of their lives, ranging from obesity and overactive thyroids to cancer and kidney failure. Additionally, pets are curious creatures, and some tend to be “accident-prone,” often taking their pet parents to the after-hours emergency clinic. These veterinary bills can add up, and often take people by surprise because they had not “budgeted” for these expenses.

Veterinary pet insurance takes the surprise out of the equation. Many allow pet parents to choose any veterinarian, anywhere. Additionally, most offers tiered plans as well, ranging from “basic maintenance” (annual check-ups, vaccinations, teeth cleanings, etc.) to “specialist care,” including veterinary specialists, like dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and orthopedists!

Unexpected expenses are covered as well with most pet insurance plans. Emergencies, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and even radiation and chemotherapy are covered under good pet health insurance policies.

Do not put your pet’s health and well-being at risk by being “unprepared” in this increasingly challenging economic climate. Medical expenses for your pet can be comparable to your own, so plan now for the unexpected. It will give you peace of mind – and your pet will love you for it!