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Dogs are one of the most common animals that are adopted and made part of a family.

In order to make sure they stay healthy providing plenty of exercise is very important. Most dogs require two walks per day for adequate exercise. It’s also important to watch your dog’s caloric intake. Dental hygiene is also important such as it is in humans; if canine teeth get rotted the dog will have a hard time eating food. As you can see, taking care of your dog’s health is fairly easy because it’s much like taking care of your own.


Cats are more self-dependent than their canine counterparts and do not require baths as they clean themselves.

 Walking them is unnecessary, which is good because no sane cat would consent to wear a collar and a leash. Just playing with them is enough to give them some exercise. As with dogs and human beings dental is also a factor for felines. These measures should reduce the chances that your cat will get seriously ill.


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